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Committed to the Families We Serve

We at Noecker Family Funeral Homes sincerely appreciate the trust that is given us everyday to serve the families in our community during their most difficult time. We thank you for taking the time to read what families have said about us and invite you to leave a comment anytime regarding the services we've offered.

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I am a Flagstaff transplant living in Amarillo, Texas, so I'm not a member of your community, but the cities of Prescott and Prescott Valley deserve my appreciation. I was last in Prescott 40 years ago when my beloved Grandfather died at the V.A. Hospital. My, what a change!! The sleepy little town is now a busy little city. I recently made three trips to Prescott. Sadly the hospitalization and death of my Father brought me back. He served two tours in WWII and spent the last seven months of his life at the Whipple V.A. I expected "city standards" but I got so much more! I spent three days at Yavapai Regional Hospital. His death was visible on the horizon. He was being difficult. The doctor and nurses were compassionate and professional. The V.A. staff was wonderful to my Father. He called Whipple "Home". My last trip to Prescott I left on a Saturday. He died Tuesday. One nurse held his hand and a CNA was holding his other hand. He wasn't alone. I had no ideas on choosing a mortuary. I based my decision solely on a phone call. Ruffner-Wakelin in Prescott was chosen strictly on the "feeling" I got from the phone call. This was obviously a very hard, emotional time. They performed their duties far above and beyond anything I expected. They were sensitive to the families needs, the distance involved in handling all a death entails. They thought of things I didn't and then handled those things too! They were respectful and kind. Quality Inn on Sheldon was helpful too. Twice they let us check in several hours early so we had a place to operate from. I know no other way to say thank you to so many people that made such a difference. Good things still happen, even at the worst times. Kudos to Prescott and Prescott Valley, small cities with a big heart. With heartfelt gratitude, thank you. Sincerely, Genice Pugh and the Family of William L. Claborn

The Family of William L. Claborn

June 23, 2017

The Staff at Ruffner-Wakelin was so genuine and caring during the loss of my Mother. From the point they came personally to the home until the burial they were there for us. Todd and his staff are truly professionals. Having used other Funeral Homes in the area previously, I would not hesitate to recommend Ruffner-Wakelin and their services over the others.

Bobbie Joe Tolleson

October 14, 2016